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Jim grew up in northern Michigan near Sleeping Bear Dunes.  He is a freelance writer and the author of five books, including Loon Rangers (Saddle Road Press, 2021), The Way Home: Essays on the Outside West (University of Utah Press, 2010), and The Wild Upriver and Other Stories (Arbutus Press, 2005).  He's traveled widely and written about such places as the Na Pali coast, the Khumbu Valley of Nepal, the Aysen region of Patagonia, and the coral reefs of Cuba.  Jim’s short stories and essays have appeared in literary journals around the world, including Deep WildIsland, Frontieres, Divide, Sport Literate, Puckerbrush Review, Kinesis, Apostrophe, and Rolling Stock.  He has read his work at the Sorbonne in Paris and was the featured American author at the Watermark Literary Muster in Australia.  Jim has worked as an outdoor journalist, wildlife biologist, musician, and university professor. He currently lives in Eldora, Colorado where he operates Victory Gardens, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing local food systems. 


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